Daijo Industrial was established in 2004. Currently we have achieved a total of 530 workforces which manufacturing moulding, plastic injection, secondary process, and part assembly.

We provide wide range of plastic injection machines, starting from 50 Tons to 2800 Tons. In order to meet customer satisfaction, Daijo equipped with updated machine tools and technology. We also set up an in-house plastic tooling design and manufacturing since 2011.

VISION : To be a one-stop premium supplier in plastic injection industryfor electronics, automotive, and home appliance including plastic tooling design and manufacturing, silk-screening, pad printing, hot stamping, welding, and plastic part assembly.

MISSION : Our missions are striving to be the best supplier to meet the customer requirements and also to enhance the “one stop solution” towards our customer needs.

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Factory :
PT Daijo Industrial
Kawasan Berikat Nusantara (Nusantara Bonded Zone) Blok E21
Jl. Raya Cakung Cilincing Jakarta Utara.
Phone (021) 44834002