Up to today, PT. Daijo Industrial has more than 50 plastic injection machines from the best brands from Taiwan with a variety of capacity ranging from 50 tons to 2800 tons.

We are technologically updated and keep renewing our machines. One of the latest technologies applied in our company is the use of a robotic system in each of our machines to create perfect work efficiency and product quality.
We provide plastic tooling design and manufacturing, with updated variety tooling machines and technology. We are able to make any size of mould up to 2800 Tons.
-Spoting Machine
-Gundrill Machine
-Graphite Machine Center
-CNC Machine
-EDM Machine
-EDM Double Had Machine
-Mould Channel
With extensive experience in plastic injection, PT Daijo Industrial strive the best to provide excellence quality, competitive price, and delivery schedule accuracy.
– Plastic Injection Machines (50T – 1300T)
– Robot ARM
– Gas Assisted Injection Mould
Based on diversity of customers, we have a wide range of capabilities such as Spray Screening, Pad Printing, Welding, and Hot Stamping.
– Spray Painting Booth
– Pad Printing Machine
– Auto Robot Paint Spraying Line
– Hot Stamping Machine
– UV Oven
– Ultrasonic Welding Machine
– Silk Screening Machine
– Assembly Line
Our commitment to provide the wide range of customer needs, more than 40 machines are set up to run the production such as CNC Machine, Electrical Discharge Machining, Grinding Machine, Milling Machine, Wirecut Machine, Cutting Pin Machine, and Laser Welding Machine.
Factory :
PT Daijo Industrial
Kawasan Berikat Nusantara (Nusantara Bonded Zone) Blok E21
Jl. Raya Cakung Cilincing Jakarta Utara.
Phone (021) 44834002